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The rental period is determined by the present contract.

Check-in starts from 4pm, check-out before 11am. In case of late check-out, an additional night will be charged.

For a confort like at the “hotel”, a concierge service is at your disposal (food-shopping before your arrival, boat rental, hélico tour…, taxi booking, car rental, private chef, houskipper all days, baby-sitter…) All services are in extra charge directly with our Concierge.

Terms of Sales

This booking is made with VILLAS-APARTMENTS.RENTALS and the client.
The booking will be confirmed when VILLAS-APARTMENTS.RENTALS will receive the entire payment on the account.

A deposit of 30% of the rental price must be paid. No contract with us will exist until we have received this amount and the booking form duly signed, and have subsequently confirmed your booking.

The balance of the payment must be paid at least 60 days before arrival. If VILLAS-APARTMENTS.RENTALS does not receive the balance by the due date, VILLAS-APARTMENTS.RENTALS shall be entitled to cancel the booking, claim for cancellation charges, and to retain the deposit. For booking made within 60 days of arrival date, you will be required to pay the full cost of its rental at the time of booking.

It is agreed between the parties that should you wish to cancel all or any part of its booking, or that the booking is cancelled by VILLAS-APARTMENTS.RENTALS due to non-payment, then, VILLAS-APARTMENTS.RENTALS shall be entitled to the following percentage of the rental cost:

• 60 days at the latest before arrival:30%
• within 60 days prior the arrival: 100%

Cancellations must be received in writing by fax or e-mail.
No-shows, late arrivals, changes in number of people in the Client’s group after arrival and early departures are all non-refundable.

Any third party bookings made on your behalf by VILLAS-APARTMENTS.RENTALS are not covered in the above policy, each company will operate on their own terms and conditions.

Though it is unlikely but in the instance that VILLAS-APARTMENTS.RENTALS will have to make any changes to confirmed arrangements due to reasons beyond our control VILLAS-APARTMENTS.RENTALS will advise you at the earliest possible date. If VILLAS-APARTMENTS.RENTALS is unable to provide you with the property you have booked, VILLAS-APARTMENTS.RENTALS reserves the right to transfer your party to a similar villa.

However, if it is not possible or if you do not wish to be transferred, VILLAS-APARTMENTS.RENTALS will cancel the booking and refund the amount paid to VILLAS-APARTMENTS.RENTALS for the accommodation. VILLAS-APARTMENTS.RENTALS will not be liable for any cancellation charges for travel arrangements.

Accommodation changes while the Client is on the island are not permitted except for a justifiable cause such as loud construction, or a major technical problem in the accommodation. All of these changes are made at VILLAS-APARTMENTS.RENTALS best judgment.

The total number of bedrooms rented and persons allowed in the villa or apartment at any one time is restricted to the number of persons and rooms scheduled and paid for, usually based on 2 persons per bedroom. Should a group misrepresent themselves, they will be required to pay for the excess persons immediately, or shall vacate the accommodation without refund. Exceptions may be made only for infants if sleeping in a baby crib and not occupying one of the villa’s bed.

A security deposit will be held on a credit card authorization to cover any damages or extra charges.
Please note that VILLAS-APARTMENTS.RENTALS will take an imprint of your credit card upon your arrival as deposit

In signing this agreement you agree and take responsibility for the correct and decent behavior of your party. You and your party agree to behave in a manner that shows respect to the property rented including their staff, surrounding properties and proprietors/occupants. In the event that this requirement is not kept VILLAS-APARTMENTS.RENTALS reserves the right to ask the you and your party to vacate the villa without refund.


Valuables left unattended at the property are at the Client’s risk. Neither VILLAS-APARTMENTS.RENTALS nor the accommodation owners (nor their staff) are responsible for any loss.

Travel insurance, Homeowners Insurance or other policies are available and may cover you for certain misfortunes, unexpected events and delays which might interrupt, delay or cancel your travel plans. The appropriate coverage should be purchased at the time of the booking. The client’s signature on the booking form confirms that the client is aware such insurance exists and has selected appropriate coverage for this booking.

Our representations of the properties are accurate to our knowledge and made in good faith. VILLAS-APARTMENTS.RENTALS shall exert all reasonable efforts to meet the clients requirements during the term of this agreement but VILLAS-APARTMENTS.RENTALS does not accept responsibility for issues out of its control such as the failure of the water supply, gas or electricity, though VILLAS-APARTMENTS.RENTALS will endeavor to arrange for these problems to be solved at the earliest opportunity upon notification.

If you have any problem during your stay, please notify VILLAS-APARTMENTS.RENTALS immediately. It is impossible for VILLAS-APARTMENTS.RENTALS to claimcompensation from the villa owner once the rental period has ceased.VILLAS-APARTMENTS.RENTALS must be notified immediately.

Complaints filed after vacating the accommodation will be noted however the resolution cannot be guaranteed. The Client who abandons the villa during leased period loses all rights to any eventual refund or rebate. No refunds will be granted unless there is a serious problem that cannot be remedied within 24 hours, an alternative property cannot be located or which cause the guest extreme undue discomfort or serious inconvenience.

The client agrees to waive and release VILLAS-APARTMENTS.RENTALS, their officers, directors, employees, representatives agents, owners of the accommodation and volunteers from liability and responsibility, whatsoever, for any injury or loss of life which may occur to your party as a result of the tenancy and enjoyment of the accommodation and facilities including swimming pool or otherwise with the exception of gross negligence. The client further agrees that this agreement shall be the governed and interpreted in accordance with the laws of France for any claims against VILLAS-APARTMENTS.RENTALS.

In case any condition of this agreement infringes any applicable law or legally enforceable rule, said law or rule shall prevail, but only to the extent necessary to comply therewith, and the infringing provision shall be null and void to that extent, while the other provisions of this agreement shall remain in full force and effect; in which case the Parties shall then endeavor to replace any such infringing provision by mutually acceptable substitutes, in order that the balance of the agreement shall be unchanged to the extent permissible.

• The present Contract resumes the completeness of the terms and the conditions between the Principal and the Representative.

• It replaces and cancels any Contract and/or agreement, paper or oral, enters or applying to the Parties.

• Any modification of the present Contract will have to be the object of a paper signed by the Client and VILLAS-APARTMENTS.RENTALS.

The present contract as well as the rights and the obligations of the Parties which ensue from it will be governed and interpreted according to the French law.

Every condition of the present contract or every part of each of the conditions of the present contract which would be declared invalid, will be considered as separated from the present contract which will remain valid and will continue to produce effect for the surplus of its capacities.

Any dispute about the interpretation and/or about the application of the present Contract will be asked the exclusive jurisdiction of the Commercial court of Basse-Terre.

Good to know:

I hereby acknowledge having read the Property Policies & Details, Supplemental Terms & Included Amenities, which provide important information regarding my responsibilities relating to payment, cancellation, security deposits and other essential elements of this Booking. In addition to, I acknowledge that the credit card holder, who must also be a traveler, is aged 20 years and older as required in the Terms and Conditions. This agreement becomes binding when submitted electronically, signed by you or once the Company has received your initial payment, whichever occurs first.

For security reasons, the holder of the credit card used to book the accommodation must be present for the check-in. You will need to present your credit card and passport for the rental purchased via our web site . The name on the passport must match the name on the credit card.

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